Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Diet and Wellness Wisdom from the Ancients

The secret to health and wellness is all around you. The plants that grow in the ground, the animals that roam the earth, even your own body contain an abundant amount of natural remedies for everything from overcoming illness to improving your mood. This blog post will discuss 10 steps on how to have a healthy lifestyle through diet and wellness wisdom from ancient cultures. The best online weed service will cover topics such as using herbs for treatment, incorporating fruits and vegetables into your daily routine, and focusing on what makes you happy!

The first thing you should consider is the medicine cabinet in your kitchen. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter medications when you have a headache, try drinking some chamomile tea or taking an epsom salt bath instead. Both are incredibly easy to make and can provide relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia or pain caused by muscle tension!

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that specific foods affect certain emotions. If you’re feeling depressed, TCM might tell you to eat more bitter flavored foods like dark leafy greens to increase “shen qi,” which loosely translates into mental clarity and happiness. Conversely if a patient has too much heat in their system they may be prescribed cooling cucumbers with brown rice vinegar soup because these ingredients have a yin quality.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is key to having optimum well being. The ancient Greeks would often prescribe fruit and honey as the most important part of breakfast because they believed that fresh fruits cleansed the body from toxins after sleep, while honey provided energy for physical activity [14]. We know this concept today as “breakfast like a king,” but it’s interesting how closely their ideas aligned with our modern lifestyles!

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